7 Real life superheroes in the world

You must have seen superheroes in movies, with superpowers, but there are seven people in this world who really have superpowers. 1 Wim Hof Wim Hof is also known as Ice man. Wim Hof is from Poland. He can survive in 0-degree temperature more than one day and still his body temperature remains constant. He […]

…When Jackie Chan’s dream come true !

World famous comedian, Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan who known for his iconic appearances in Asian martial arts and action movies who won hundreds of awards also won Oscar for his extraordinary achievements. Jackie won hundreds of awards but spend 23 years to made his dream comes true that is Academy Honorary Award. Jackie expresses […]

Top 5 Intresting Facts about Tom Hanks !

An American actor Tom Hanks intresting facts

David Goggins life changing words

An American ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete David Goggins words which can change your life. Goggins attempted to enter the Badwater Ultramarathon as a fundraiser but was told by organizers that he needed to enter another ultramarathon first; He was able to run 101 miles in 19 hours and 6 minutes. He completed the Les […]

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Meditation & Benifits

Meditation is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its many health benefits. You can use it to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration. […]

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