Want to know the secret formula of loose weight?

Its that time of the year. When people busy with health goals, loosing weight, getting fitter. are you in that set too? busy poring over varied diet recommendation?
checking out workout and fitness regimens?

Well as someone who’s resolved to shed some weight, here’s that I have found work well for me. It’s not the diet. It’s not exercise. It’s weighing scale.

I weigh myself every morning. And because I know I need to weigh myself, I go easy on that second helping. l say no to the much-loved Gajar(carrot)halwa.
And even as a smile breaks out on my face when I see I am 300gms lighter, it strengthens to go for a walk.

I am convinced. Having a tracker is a powerful tool to make progress. And sometimes, knowing you are making progress. And sometimes, knowing you are making progress can be a strong motivator to keep going.

Maybe we all need that weighing scale in our life. To achieve our health goals. And for everything else that matters too.

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