…When Jackie Chan’s dream come true !

World famous comedian, Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan who known for his iconic appearances in Asian martial arts and action movies who won hundreds of awards also won Oscar for his extraordinary achievements. Jackie won hundreds of awards but spend 23 years to made his dream comes true that is Academy Honorary Award. Jackie expresses his fillings in award ceremony lets see it in his own words.

Academy award, I still can’t believe I’m standing here It’s a dream. Long time ago every year when I watch Oscar with my dear sometime with my mom. My dad always say son, you get so many movies award in the world when are you get one of these then I just look at my dad. Ha Ha Ha Yeah, I only me, made comedy action movies.

Many years later. I come to Hollywood met with some big studio director, my friend’s house, Stallone’s house. There was 23 years ago. I see this little thing in his house I touched it, kissed it, smelled it. I believe Stallone have my fingerprints on it. Then I talk to myself. I really want one.

Finally, Sherry calls I said Are you sure? After 56 years in film industry making more than 200 films, i break so many bones. Finally, this is mine. I want to thank you.

Hong Kong’s incredible city, my hometown, my hood. Who made me? China my country. Proud to be Chinese. Thank you, Hollywood, for all those years. Teach me so many things. and also made me a little bit famous. and I thank to my family, my wife Joan Lin, my son Jaycee and specially Jackie Chan stunt team. This year is a Jackie Chan stunt team’s 40 years anniversary. And all the friends Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and ladies and gentlemen and also this ginger guests and academy, motion pictures, R and science thank you thank you, thank you and I want to thank you who should I thank?

And I forget. I still have some dialogue. I forget what I say should say I don’t know, I just. It’s honored to be here. and it’s my honor. Thank you. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Last, not least Million days, all my friends, fans around the world, because you are I have a reason, continued to make movies. Jumping, window kicking and punching keep breaking my bone. Thank you so much. Thank you, Oscar. Thank you!

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